Summoner Kings is currently the strongest clan in the game. All members are level 80+ , and they have a total of 20 members. They level up their clan quickly, and their goal is to unlock the entire clan shop as quick as possible so that the developers put out new updates sooner. Summoner Kings have been the highest level clan since day 1. As of 4/17/13, they also have the two highest level players as members (Sapphire and BananaKi).

Summoner Kings was founded by Shadow X, who unfortunately has now quit the game due to a lack of uptates. (He quit at level 70 and is now not a member of Summoner Kings.)

The Summoner Kings are now a level 41 clan and are the highest level clan. The clan is currently full.

Player Legendary Shaneth of Summoner Kings constantly updates the game data, updates, and guides by recording his footage and uploading to youtube.