Bulbhead is an Animated Guard. There are two types of Bulbheads: The Normal one you can get from the Quest "Check the Mystic Light", and you can get the Green one by obtaining three Spirit Dusts from the Champion Challenge. He is the most famous guard used for defeating Dark-type guards.and you can buy the 'power of bulbfighter' or 'burn fighter' from the clan shop.

Normal Bulbhead

The requirement to buy a
re: Spirit of Bulbhead and $800.

Base Stats

  • ATK:5
  • DEF:16
  • MATK:Over 9,000
  • MDEF:11
  • SPD:11
  • INT:15

Bulbhead's Bonus stats are 10% in MATK and 5% in INT


  • Bright: Light/100/Starts with
  • Flash: Light/110/Costs 20 Blue Crystals
  • Elec. Shock: Electricity/110 Cost 30 Blue Crystal


Bulbhead can be transform into Bulbfighter by purshasing the skill from clan shop level 6 for 20000 clan credits.

Bulbfighter is a very powerful light attack guard. Equiping with Health 2 imprint it can defeat all 4 dark warriors in the vortex at level 42. You will need different build of Bulbfighter for each dark warriors however it is much cheaper than buying 4 Thors for 40000 clan credits each. If you miss your chance to obtain Reindeer during Christmas this guard is your friend.

Green Bulbhead

The requirements to buy are three Spirit Dusts and $1200.

Base Stats

  • ATK: 5
  • DEF: 18
  • MATK: 28
  • MDEF: 15
  • SPD: 10
  • INT: 11

Green Bulbhead's bonus Stat is 15% in MATK


  • Discharge: Electricity/100/Starts with
  • Thunder: Electricity/110/Cost 30 Blue Crystals
  • Thunder Punch: Electricity/120/Cost 20 Green Crystals